App features

Pilot offers a lot of interesting features. Here is a complete rundown of them all.

Free version Full version
Number of devices displayed Unlimited Unlimited
Number of home locations



Number of connected servers



Domoticz support check-mark-xxl check-mark-xxl
Zibase support check-mark-xxl check-mark-xxl
Display all your devices information check-mark-xxl check-mark-xxl
Switch your lights on and off check-mark-xxl check-mark-xxl
See all your favorites in a single place check-mark-xxl check-mark-xxl
Control the level of your dim-able switches check-mark-xxl
Control the temperature of your thermostat check-mark-xxl
View your camera feeds check-mark-xxl
Control your favorites in the notification center check-mark-xxl
Send PUSH notifications
Domoticz tutorial
Use the location features
Domoticz tutorial Zibase tutorial
Reorder your devices check-mark-xxl


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