Frequently Asked Questions

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I can’t choose how many favorites appear on my widget anymore. Why?

iOS 10 changed the way widgets are managed. On iOS 9, it was possible to set a dynamic height. That way, it was possible for me to let users choose how many favorites appear on the widget. That means I had to get rid of the “Favorites number” option in the Pilot settings (that setting is still available for those using iOS 9).

For iOS 10 users, widgets get 2 display modes:

  • Compact mode: fixed height of 110px, allowing you to display two favorites in Pilot;
  • Expanded mode: dynamic height, displaying all of your favorites;

So, when you tap the “Show more” button on the top-right corner of the widget, it will still be expanded the next time you open the Favorites widget.

How can I trigger an event based on the location of my iPhone?

This tutorial describes all the steps to do just that!

How can I use push notifications?

This tutorial describes all the steps to do just that!

What Home Automation System is Pilot compatible with?

For now, Pilot only support Domoticz and Zibase. New features will allow you to pair with other systems. Please send us your suggestions and preferences on this matter, from the contact form.

Will there be an Watch app?

Maybe sooner than the iPad version. 🙂


Why do I have to pay to get the best app features?

With the free version, you can see all of your devices, and control most of them. You can also make sure that the app works and that it suits your needs. Domoticz being an open-source initiative, I wanted to provide a free alternative.

Getting the full version doesn’t only give you the best features. It is also a reward for the hard work I put in this app.

I can’t connect to my server. What can I do?

When you first set it up, Pilot checks automatically if your server settings are correct. However, if your server is still not accessible, please check your network settings and your internet connection. If you are confident there is a bug somewhere, please let me know through the contact form.

A little arrow appears in my phone status bar when I activate Pilot’s location service. Why?

This arrow lets you know that Pilot’s location service is working fine.

My battery life decreased since I started using the location service. How comes?

Pilot tracks your location, and triggers an event when you leave/arrive your home address. Doing that uses some of your battery.

However, battery usage is reduced to its minimum, so you get the most efficiency and battery usage out of the app’s features.

Who am I?

I am Patrick Ferreira, Digital Head Project, and passionate about Home Automation. I made this app because no other one suited my needs.

How can I help improving the app?

By using the contact form! I really appreciate any feedback, so please don’t hesitate sending me your message.