Frequently Asked Questions

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How can I trigger an event based on the location of my iPhone?

This tutorial describes all the steps to do just that!

How can I use push notifications?

This tutorial describes all the steps to do just that!

What Home Automation System is Pilot compatible with?

Pilot works with Domoticz and Jeedom.
Please send me your suggestions and preferences on supporting new protocols, from the contact form.

Does Pilot work with the iPad and the Apple Watch?


Why an in-app purchase?

The free version allows you to control all your equipment on all your devices Apple.

Pilot Premium adds some features, but above all it allows you to support the work done to offer this application to as many people.

I can’t connect to my server. What can I do?

When you first set it up, Pilot checks automatically if your server settings are correct. However, if your server is still not accessible, please check your network settings and your internet connection. If you are confident there is a bug somewhere, please let me know through the contact form.

A little arrow appears in my phone status bar when I activate Pilot’s location service. Why?

This arrow lets you know that Pilot’s location service is working fine.

My battery life decreased since I started using the location service. How comes?

Pilot tracks your location, and triggers an event when you leave/arrive your home address. Doing that uses some of your battery.

However, battery usage is reduced to its minimum, so you get the most efficiency and battery usage out of the app’s features.

Who am I?

I am Patrick Ferreira, product manager and passionate about home automation. Pilot was born 5 years ago when I started to add home automation in my apartment. Pilot has evolved to become a formidable alternative to the official applications provided by Domoticz and Jeedom.

How can I help improving the app?

By using the contact form! I really appreciate any feedback, so please don’t hesitate sending me your message.