Zibase tutorial: location with my iPhone

This tutorial is made for the Zibase system. It will show you how to get your smartphone location, and trigger an event based on that. Before starting, you need all of this:

  • A working Zibase server;
  • A Zibase licence, which allows you to create events, and connect to your Zibase with Pilot;
  • The app “Pilot: Home Automation Control” has to be installed on your iPhone, and already connected to your Zibase installation;
  • The full version of the app is required to activate the location service.

Setting up your Zibase server

  1. Go to your Zibase admin panel;
  2. Create a virtual device, which will be used to get your iPhone’s current location;

And that is all for your Zibase server! Now it is time to setup your Pilot app!

Setting up “Pilot: Home Automation Control”

  1. Launch your “Pilot: Home Automation Control” app;
  2.  Go to “Settings > Location services”;
  3. Activate the location services;

    Pilot: location services activated

    Pilot: location services activated

  4. Tap on “Switch”, and select the dummy switch your created just before in your Zibase server;

    Pilot: selecting a switch

    Pilot: selecting a switch

  5. After selecting the switch, you will get back to the previous screen. All you have to do is entering your home address;

    Pilot: location services correctly setup

    Pilot: location services correctly setup

And there you go! Your Zibase server and your app are now fully setup. It is now time to create our first event. It will trigger whatever action you want when your smartphone gets or leave home.

Creating a new event based on your smartphone location

From there, you can create a new event in your Zibase admin panel. Just use your new virtual device, and use its current state (ON/OFF) to trigger a custom event.

As you might have guessed, the dummy switch goes “On” when the smartphone is home, and goes “Off” when it leaves home. Knowing that, you should be able to create your own events.

Get more info about Zibase events.

Let’s sum up

In this tutorial, I did the following:

  • Create a dummy switch in my Zibase server;
  • Associated my app “Pilot: Home Automation Control” with the dummy switch I created;
  • Create an event based on my iPhone current location;

Got any question? Please leave your comments below!