New decade, new look.

New decade, new look.

Let’s summarize this release with one picture.

Pilot new app icon

After releasing a brand new user interface less than a year ago, it seemed necessary to also revisit the app icon.

The new app icon is more modern and minimalistic while keeping the spirit of the classic app icon.

New appearance settings

In the settings of the app, Premium users can now access the Appearance settings. This will let users do two things : pick an alternate app icon and choose a color scheme.

Alternate app icon

Color scheme

Tired of the gray and black background color? Spice things up by selecting another color.

New way to edit your favorites

Up until now, it was necessary to go the detail view of a device to add it and remove it from the favorites. Not anymore!

From now on, simply tap the “Settings” button in the Favorites screen in order to choose which devices should appear in your favorites.

Huge performance improvements

The app could get slow when working with servers that have dozens or even hundreds of devices. For these users, I’m happy to say that slow loading is now a thing of the past. The bigger your server is, the bigger an improvement you’ll be getting. 😉

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