Pilot 2020.4: better Jeedom, iCloud for all

Pilot 2020.4: better Jeedom, iCloud for all

Jeedom improvements

Important new features now available for Jeedom:

  • Simplified initial setup
  • Support for thermostat modes
  • Graphs support

Simplified initial setup

The qrcode scan is now much more precise than before: Pilot detects your server parameters more precisely to guarantee a good connection for all users.

Support for thermostat modes

Pilot now knows how to control thermostats better, with mode support! These are automatically synchronized with the modes defined in Jeedom.

Graph support

Already available on Domoticz, the graphics are appearing for Jeedom users. To do this, simply press the “Log” button in the detail view of all devices.

Graph example

Domoticz improvements

Better performance

More performance improvements for servers with many devices & rooms, with much improved loading times!

Better support for local server settings

For users who need to define a local server address, support has been greatly improved! All your worries should be in the past.

And for everyone … iCloud backup restore

Still in beta phase!

To put it simply, this new feature allows you to recover the backup of a device when you install Pilot on a new device.

Example: you already have Pilot on your iPhone, you want to install Pilot on your iPad? Pilot will propose, at startup, to restore the backup of the iPhone. 

You just need to restore the backup in order to find all your devices. 🙂

Backups are encrypted and stored securely on your iCloud account.