Pilot 2020.10 : iOS 14, widget, custom device name

Pilot 2020.10 : iOS 14, widget, custom device name

It’s back to school, and the time to add new features requested by many users.

A new widget for iOS 14

A brand new widget has appeared, allowing you to display up to 4 devices of your choice. The widget settings are made by long pressing on the widget.


The use of the widget is reserved for Premium members. This allows you to benefit from the following features:

  • Add as many widgets as you want on your home screen
  • The refresh of each widget is automatic
  • The widget displays the date when the device was last updated
  • By tapping on a device, it directly opens the detail view of a device
  • Via a long press on the widget, it is possible to define the parameters, choose the darkmode and the color theme
Sizes available

The widget is available in all 3 sizes:

  • Small: one device
  • Medium: up to 2 devices
  • Large: up to 4 devices
Small size
Medium size
Large size
Custom display

In addition to the size, you can configure the color, choosing the following 2 parameters:

  • Dark mode: activated, deactivated, or use what is already configured for your iPhone
  • Color: choose the color of the widget from a selection of available colors
A few examples

Device settings

A new page appears on a device’s detail screen, allowing you to see all of a device’s information.

Custom device name

On a device’s settings page, it is possible to customize the display name of a device.

This name is only displayed on the Pilot app and allows you, for example, to shorten the name of a device directly on the app!